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TxT Dreamツis located in Sapporo Hokkaido on route 5 a road called Car Dealers road next to Mitsubishi car Dealer.
In a very stylish building with a car dock and a show window, painted red black.



In the lobby we have our reception with female staff who will take care of your needs. This is where your visit and transaction for a car rental will be carried out.


Vehicle storage location (car dock)

There is a car dock beside the lobby for 25 cars to be parked.
With a 24 hour service constant monitoring is where the cars will be stored.


An inspection before driving

We guaranty an enjoyable and comfortable drive. ツツTxT Dream ensures to carry out a 12 item inspection for safety and security for a pleasant drive. Lets us check the contents of the following


  1. Wear state and groove of the tire.
  2. State of the wiper rubber.
  3. Coolant fluid volume in the reservoir tank.
  4. Amount of window washer solution.
  5. Battery status.
  6. The amount of Automatic gear oil and dirt.
  7. The amount of Engine oil.
  8. The amount of break oil.
  9. Room cleaning.
  10. Body coat.
  11. Ion deodorant.
  12. Drives traveling test.