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About Company

Corporate Philosophy


The environment of our corporate philosophy continues to change significantly.
Until now we did not provide a service where we could satisfy our customers, with peace of mind. So to keep our customers satisfied we always have to be visual at all times.
to be able to go forward as it is without losing to head wind. We at TxTツGroup want to continue to be such a company.

There are a lot of people whose hope is to rent a car.

  • You who like cars.
  • There is a sports car that you desire to ride, but you do not think of buying one.
  • An anniversary, a performance car on this special day for you.

Frequenting customers have their various needs. We the TxTツstaff would like to help increase your happy memories, even a little with the car you drive.

Based on the philosophy above, complying with the local laws and regulations, our company rigorously would like to provide you with peace of mind.



Company Name
Seram Co., Ltd.
Kiyota-ku Hiraoka 1Jo 4Chome 10-1
2006 June 1st
Field of Business
Car Rental, Selling and buying of imported cars
Obihiro Branch
Nishi 5Jo Minami 27Chome 1-7 Obihiro
Hakodate Branch
Nanaehama 7Chome10-10 Hakodate


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